david-john-1“I just need to chase my dream and if my dream fails at least I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing I gave it a shot,” says rising music sensation David John.

David is supporting 50Cent on the UK leg of his European tour. With his debut album New King of Scotland poised to drop this summer can he live up to the bold statement he is making with the album title? After listening to his unique soulful pop sound and putting him in the hot seat straight off a flight from New York, I’m convinced I’ve met the ultimate Scot with Swagger; he’s definitely one to watch…

How are you today?
Pretty fantastic, a little bit jet lagged cos I just landed [from New York]. I didn’t get much sleep on the plane, I was kept awake by bad movies!

You’ve got a few days to recoup before the tour with 50! How are you feeling about it?
Oh man, well first of all it’s good to be home and secondly I’m just really excited- it’s a nervous sort of excitement! I’ve been keeping up to date with 50 on and I know how its been going so far in Europe, so I’m raring to get out there and get on with it. It’s a huge opportunity especially for a guy like me- I don’t think anyone from Scotland has ever represented such a big rap star before!

So you’re kind of making history here?!
I guess! Its bit surreal I’m still pinching myself!

You’re now based in America, how did that come about?
I was trying to find my sound and I felt what I was trying to do could work in the US. So I jumped on a plane with a demo in my back pocket, got in touch with producers and things took off from there.

How did you get involved with 50’s tour?
My demo got into the hands of his management, they loved it and thought that it would be great for a UK artist to be on board.

Was it a bit of a shock?
Definitely, I always had faith in my music but recognition from a guy like 50 is major man!

Tell us more about your debut New King of Scotland
I finished recoding it just before New Years in LA. A lot of the songs I’ve written are about different emotions you can experience in relationships. There are songs like Try Again, which talk about when you might have hurt somebody but now you want them back, and then the lead single Mrs Vegas (Mrs Right Now) gives the playful side of things. I poured a lot into it so I just hope people enjoy hearing it as much as I did making it.

Is Mrs Vegas based on a true story?
Pretty much. I met a girl and we literally spent a weekend locked in a hotel room- she was right for that moment but it wasn’t a forever thing. ….

I heard a rumour that you’ve been hanging out with Snoop Dogg in NY?
Oh yeah that was the coolest thing that’s happened so far! Basically I stepped off a flight and I got an invite to Snoop’s album launch for Sensual Seduction. I ended up walking the red carpet looking ridiculous, with crazy stubble and eyes like a raccoon!


Did you manage to get any career advice from the Doggfather?
Yeah he said ‘just be cool and do your thing, never let anyone influence you.’ It’s just mad! I still sometimes can’t believe I’ve come from chilling in Glasgow to chilling with rappers! I think I’m like the hip hop SuBo story! I feel like we should get together and become Scotland’s golden couple…

Some of your lyrics are a bit naughty…are you a bad boy when it comes to women?
I would pretty much say….aye [laughs]. But in my defence women have been bad to me as well…

What’s the naughtiest thing a girls ever done to get your attention?
Well one girl wrote on her breasts “Will you s*** me” and on one arm she wrote her hotel name and on the other her room number!

Did you take the invitation up?
Ermm, I can’t remember!

Are you single?
[Laughs] What today? Technically yes, but some ladies might disagree with that on either side of the Atlantic!

Sounds like you’ve had a lot of fun times whilst making your album, but were there any low points?
People sometimes use the phrase ‘over night success’ but it’s not the case. Hard work, effort and waiting goes into it before you actually end up with a deal or an album. Nothing in life worth having is easy. Before my record deal I did manual work, worked in warehouses. But a 9-5 would probably kill me. I just needed to chase my dream and if my dream fails at least I’ll be able to sleep easy at night knowing I gave it a shot.

What’s next for you?
More gigs, releasing Mrs Vegas and then following up with the album. And hopefully I might be able to convince SuBo to come on a date with me….

Words by Mary Bello


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