Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay

Following on from our recent announcement of the opening of Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay. Flavourmag had the opportunity to visit this stunning new development during the opening week to sample the food, the drinks, the hospitality and the pool.

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay is located on the shores of Talamanca Bay. To put it in perspective, it’s roughly a 10 mins drive to Playa Den Bossa where you will find the likes of Ushuaia and Hi Ibiza. It’s also only about 15 mins drive to or from the Ibiza Airport and about 20 mins drive to Ibiza Old Town which makes Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay easily accessible.

Upon arrival at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay, your shoulders will drop, you’ll feel your pace slow down and you’ll feel your mind, start relaxing as you ease your way into this beautiful hotel that immediately gives off a zen-like feeling.

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay pool area
Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay pool area

Just like the photo gallery on the Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay website, the hotel looks exactly as it does in the photos. Dare I say, even better than the photos as the sun rays reflects on the hotel and your eyes adjust to its light and airy, brand spanking new clean look.

Unfortunately, it was opening week during my arrival, and I didn’t get a chance to look at or stay in a room, however, if the rest of the hotel is anything to go by, then I can assure you, the rooms are exquisite.

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay relaxing lobby area
Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay relaxing lobby area

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay is beautifully decorated with a soft and warm colour palette that works so well with the Ibiza climate. Lots of white and pale/neutral colours give off an effervescent hue and the golden touches ads glam to the interior.

You’ll find the staff are ever so friendly (and beautiful) and ready to cater to your every need but not in a gross ‘Yes Sir! No Sir!’ way, but moreover in a ‘Hello Sir, how can I help you’ type attitude.

We dined at Chambao, Nobu’s relaxed and laidback Chiringuito Beach Club and our lunch choices consisted of hand-picked Lobster Paella, Octopus and King prawn salad with mango and papaya, grilled lamb rack with aubergine, courgette and roast potatoes. Totally refreshing food for a refreshing summer’s day in Ibiza.

The hand-picked Lobster
The hand-picked Lobster

After lunch, we relaxed by the pool area, soaked up the sun and lounge in bliss. The brand new sand at Nobu’s felt better than the actual sand at the sea area. Sunbed, cocktails, nibbles and lots and lots of photo’s for the gram, made this day trip one to remember.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a nicer hotel in Ibiza and the guests in attendance during our day trip were very cool and relaxed people. If you are travelling to Ibiza and want to make it a special, I implore you to go and stay at Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay.

Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay - The view from the roof
Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay – The view from the roof

p.s. Be sure to visit the rooftop and take a look at the stunning view it has to offer. It’s a perfect photo moment for your collection and all of the above photos within the feature were taken on my Samsung phone, that’s how impressive Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay is.

Go to and book your stay and don’t forget to take a look at the spa facilities and special packages.