-1EasyTone trainers are the way to get yourself a great looking behind!

Last week Kelly Brook launched a naked billboard of herself, sporting only Reebok EasyTone trainers.

Kelly has been a fan of EasyTone for a few months and credits them with helping her get in tip top shape for her nude shoot and getting her bikini ready this summer.

She says, “EasyTones are fantastic. You can wear them whatever you’re doing and know that you are toning and tightening with every step! I wear them to walk my dog Rocky, when I’m doing the housework, when I pop to the shops… it’s a great, easy way to stay in shape and they look stylish too so no-one needs to know that you’re wearing toning trainers.

“I’m so excited to finally have my own billboard, it was really fun creating the shot and Reebok EasyTones definitely got my bum ready for the occasion!”

EasyTone are Reebok’s revolutionary toning trainer which tone your legs and bum as you walk. They feature a sophisticated ‘balance pod’ system which works by forcing increased muscle engagement. Micro balance pods are installed in the sole of the shoe and create a natural instability as you walk, prompting increased muscle activation to tone and sculpt legs and bums.

Other celebrity fans of EasyTone include Helena Christensen, Nicole Scherzinger, Whitney Port, Bar Refaeli, Sarah Harding, Kim Kardashian, Mel B and Miranda Kerr.