Capturing the energy and spirit of Dildorado, their new single ‘Sailor Boy’ is a fun pop extravaganza that takes you around the world with the character of the sailor boy as he waits for his Captain.

Influenced by the Scissor Sisters and Giorgio Moroder, ‘Sailor Boy’ has been released with a variety of new mixes and fresh sounds to create an entirely fresh musical experience.

The Swedish pop quartet Dildorado have been taking the gay community by storm since their debut in 2010 with the original release of Sailor Boy’ which has since been reimagined with fresh new mixes. The Stockholm based quartet features Sailor Boy, Captain, Misty and Horny and have paid tribute to the 1969 Stonewall Riots in their song ‘United Fruit’ and have explored a certain clown’s sexuality in ‘I’m Lovin it’.

Sailor Boy is currently available on all major platforms