edp4360-005-mfWe love a real life story about a genuine music lover getting the chance to make her dream come true, which is why Eliza Doolittle’s success is such a groovy tale. Although she’s been around for a while, not only as a musician, but also as a songwriter, the last few months for Eliza have been little short of excitement. She is unquestionably one of the main breakthrough stars of 2010, especially after her debut album was certified silver in the UK. As she prepared for the release of ‘Skinny Genes’, she gave us a call at the Flavour HQ to tell us all about the single, as well as her upcoming tour and her thoughts on being compared to Lilly Allen.

You started singing and songwriting at the very young age of 12. But looking back now what advice would you have given yourself?
I think you can never do too little so maybe I would have slowed down a bit. At the same time though I am really happy for my journey, and I’m glad that I also had a bit of a childhood working hard.

So, instead of playing games, hanging out with your friends or doing what normal 12 year olds would do. What was it that was influencing you at the time?
[Laughs]… I just wanted to be like Beyonce, and at that age I loved seeing my favourite artists on TV and in music videos. I suppose the bright lights of it was also encouraging and the more I wrote songs, and got involved with the music I realised how much I loved that side of things. And, eventually it became less about the glitz and glamour and more about making great songs.

I was recently reading on your Myspace, where you’ve said that you tend to like the ‘feeling of bubbles in your tummy’ and ‘uncontrollable fits where you curl up on the floor’. Do these feelings come about very often?
No, not all the time but that’s why I love them so much. You know when you’re a little child and you get really excited about things and constantly find yourself laughing? Well, I think that’s something that I miss a lot and just try to take life less seriously.

edp4360-011-mfLet’s talk a bit about your brand new single ‘Skinny Genes’, which you’ve described as pretty mischievous. What exactly do you mean?
Well, it is a bit of a naughty song. But basically it’s about a boy who I don’t like anything about including his personality or the way he dresses. However, there’s only one thing about him that I really do like.

You were also quoted as saying that it’s also a bit of a “sex song”, can you relate to it personally?
I wish I could as it would be nice to have that person but unfortunately I made it up as I thought it was really funny. But it is a great idea and I do wish that it was true.

The second single ‘Pack Up’, from your album had its debut in the charts at number five, were you at all surprised by response that you received?
I was actually really shocked but I loved it all especially as I didn’t expect that many people to know my music. So yes, it was a real lovely shock.

Many people would agree that your music is a mixture of soul, jazz and a bit of pop all mixed together. But is it difficult having such a sound compared to what’s currently in the charts?
No, I think it’s perfect because there are a lot of electronic music currently in the charts. So it’s nice to have something a bit different. I think I’ve also been lucky enough to give people the option with something a bit different.

You recently announced that you’ll be headlining your own tour in 2011, are you excited or are you nervous?
A little bit of both because I want to try and step up my game with the live show and bring a cool visual as well a lot of new things. It’s also a bit nerve racking trying to put on something new and different but I am really excited. I recently did a little headline tour and it was really good fun but this one is going to be on a next level.


A lot of people have compared your style of music to Lily Allen. How do you feel about the whole comparison, do you think you’ve got much in common?
I think our accent is the same but there are a lot of female artists who are compared to each other. It does sometimes also become a bit silly when people just mention the same girls in the same box all the time. I hope they stop doing it because there are loads of different female artists out there, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that we all sound the same.

Your self titled album was hugely successful after beating the likes of (Lady Gaga and Mumford & Sons) to the number three spot in the charts. What can we expect from the next album?
Well, I’m not entirely sure as I’m still thinking about it. But hopefully I’ll be writing probably in the coming weeks to see where it takes me.

You recently announced on your Twitter that you’ve been in the studio with Chiddy Bang and Roll Deep. What exactly have you guys been up to?
I did a bit of writing with Roll Deep but I don’t know what’s happening at the moment, and with Chiddy Bang I recorded some stuff for their upcoming album.

From time to time we like to find out a bit more about our guests. So, what we’ve done is we’ve put together a game called – ‘The Doolittle Question time’ which simply involves you answering the following questions.

What’s your new year’s resolution?
To create more music while on tour

If you could pack up and run away with a famous person, who would it be and where would you go?
[Laughs]…Probably Stephen Fry, because I think he is so clever, funny and amazing. I would most likely go to Rome as I’ve never been there before.

How would you describe yourself in a lonely hearts?
Curly hair, 22 year-old and looking for a lovely strong will person.

What’s the best chat-up line you’ve ever heard?
I heard a really bad one recently which went something a bit like this – “Did it hurt?” Then you reply saying, what? Then the person says “When you fell from the sky”… [Laughs]

‘Skinny Genes’ is out now. Tickets for Eliza’s 2011 headline tour are now available for more info check out – www.elizadoolittle.com

Interview by Noel Phillip.