Can you imagine some of your favourite young acting talents all in one movie? Well, believe it or not but in just under a month that’s exactly what you can expect from the new British urban horror flick Demons Never Die. Boasting an impressive casts which includes N-Dubz singer/X-Factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos, Misfits star Robert Sheehan, Emma Rigby (Hollyoaks), Reggie Yates and Ashley Walters (from The Hustle).  Ahead of its upcoming release we spoke exclusively with Jason Maza, who produce and stars in the film about working with Tulisa and Idris Elba as well as giving us an insight in what we can expect from the movie itself.

First thing is first, you’ve been described as “one of the most exciting young British actors of your generation”. How does that feel?
It’s amazing having people saying nice things. I think many people are expecting a lot more from me as I spent much of last year building up the work, but this is the year where all the projects that I have been working on will be released.

Your acting CV is pretty impressive – what attracted you to acting in the first place?
My mum and dad needed something for me to do as they couldn’t stand me being a crazy kid around the house. So they found me a drama club in Essex, which I went along to and really loved it. After that I got an agent and it all sort of just developed from there.

So tell us a bit about the brand new Demons Never Die movie, which you’ve produced and starred in.
Basically, it is about eight kids all suffering from different problems. For example, someone is getting bullied while another person might be suffering from anorexia but either way they have all got different issues. Things then start to get a bit messy when they all get on to this internet chat room where they start discussing the possibility of killing themselves. Whilst that is taking place, we are led to believe that one of the characters has committed suicide, when, in fact, there’s a masked killer going around killing them one by one. It’s one of those “who’s done it” films that leaves you thinking until the end. It sound quite bleak but there’s also a lot of humour in it as well.

The award winning Idris Elba is the executive producer for the movie. What was it like working with him?
Idris was obviously someone who everyone on set looked up to, and to have his stamp of approval on the movie is just phenomenal.  It was also very exciting as he sort of took it to that next level, which I think is really going to help when we push the film over in America. He also made the whole thing exciting and to have had him leading really did mean a lot.

Tulisa from N-Dubz makes her big-screen debut in the movie while Reggie Yates and Robert Sheehan (Misfits) also appear alongside her. What was it like working with them?
Tulisa was just incredible! I was really, really impressed with her acting and thought she was extremely down to earth, lovely, beautiful, talented and so dedicated.  Reggie Yates was brilliant. He was committed to the part; I think he’s actually a really great actor. Robert played the leading man and he’s a genius. He’s amazing in Misfits, but although this was a slightly different performance for him, he was awesome.

What were your expectations of Tulisa as she’s mainly recognised for being a singer – were you impressed with her acting?
I was really impressed with her acting. If she ever wants to dedicate her time to it, then she would get to wherever she wants to be. Obviously, she’s really busy at the moment, which means she can’t give up a lot of time, but I’m sure she will go on to make loads more films.

Demons Never Die is out on October 28.

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