Do you have a passion for fashion? Then these books are definitely worth adding to your collection.

lazyprincessThe Lazy Princess, Metro, £7.99
Style tips, customising clothes, make up hints and that’s only touching the surface when it comes to this book. Unlike other style books you’re hearing the secrets from a self-confessed work alcoholic who previous clients include such publications as ES, GQ, Your Home and Heat; Hannah Sandling (the author) is a television presenter, stylist and a writer who is more than qualified to give these tips and advice. Why is it called the lazy Princess? Well you have to read the book to find out why.

womenWomen, White Star Publishers £tbc
At first you’ll probably wonder why a book full of photos of women can be interesting. However, it is! Within the book it shows the beauty of women and explores different events that happen in a woman’s life. Every woman and child looks naturally beautiful, which is why if you’re a fan of photography you’ll love this book. The way the photos are taken, not only highlight the woman’s positive features but it’s celebrating ALL women from all origins and backgrounds.

1950lookThe 1950s Look, Sabrestorm, £16.99
The 1950s era was great for bringing in new styles and fashion tips, that the fashion industry is still being influenced by too this day. This book showcases all that was fabulous within this era. It not only touches what was great about it for women but also for men. It also gives tips on how you can attain that 1950s look. So if you want to be all glammed up in 1950s style this book will help you complete your look.

Words by Denise Kodia