Microsoft Word - Desserts.docLeading scientists at the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) have realised a first-rate eating behaviour study!

Rather than been inundated with diet advice on reducing food intake, it highlights how to adapt the energy density of our meals to maintain a healthy body weight. This is achieved by tricking ourselves into feeling full.

Energy density

Eat more food at meal times, low in fat but higher in energy density like; water-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables


* Having a liquid lunch
* Bulking up
* Filling up on fibre
* Going easy on the booze

Sara Stanner, Science Programme Manager at the British Nutrition Foundation says:

“You can lose weight without eating like a rabbit! Try bulking up your meals with low energy density foods. Add more vegetables to a spaghetti Bolognese, eat bread rather than dry crackers, have a chocolate mousse rather than a chocolate bar, or add more salad into your sandwich.” She adds “Focussing our attention on the energy density of the diet could pay huge dividends, in terms of encouraging a healthy body weight”.

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Words by Lea James