Find Her Keep Her, the début film from British Nigerian director, Namure Aibangbee is the story of three close friends Charles Knight (Kojo), Ray Harris (Raymond Burrell) and Tyler Babatunde (Jordan Pitt). With good jobs, nice cars and cool clothes they each have absolutely everything going for them. But there is one thing missing in their perfect worlds …MRS RIGHT.

We follow them on their search for the woman of the dreams, which takes them on a rollercoaster ride with twists and turns and ups and downs. The journey begins…

Charles Knight (Kojo) is the self proclaimed player, ladies man and serial heartbreaker, that is, until the beautiful Simone Hagan (Rachel Ritfeld), a 25-year-old American solicitor walks into his life. Unlike the women Charles is used to, Simone is a woman who knows what she wants in a man. But does she have the ability to change Charles’s entire perspective?

Charles and Simone’s union could be a match made in heaven, but finding love is never straight forward, is it?

Director Namure Aibangbee has had a love of both Western and African film making since the age of 15 Find Her Keep Her, which he also wrote, is his first major project. This film has been 3 years in the making.

The charismatic director used his entrepreneurial skills to bring the right elements together. Albeit learning along the way, Find Her Keep Her is truly a labour of love. Namure says, “It’s been a worthwhile journey which has taught me a lot, working with talented people from diverse backgrounds has reinforced my belief that you should never let anything hold you back, just go for it.”

Using some of the most popular, up and coming personalities, this film has touched so many in the community. The lead actors Kojo and Rachel Ritfeld are examples of the next generation of talent which is now cemented in this film.

Kojo, dubbed “The Fresh Prince of Hackney” is fast becoming one of the biggest talents to come out of the comedy scene. Kojo has played comedy circuits all over the world including America, Holland, Ghana, Nigeria and Germany. As well as featuring on MTV Base, Virgin 1 and the BBC, Kojo is hands down the man behind the new energy in urban comedy. He has clocked up numerous performances with iconic comedians such as Chris Rock, Eddie Griffith and Dave Chapelle. Kojo brings his comedic flair and adaptability to his debut acting role.

Rachel Ritfeld who plays lead female Simone is an accomplished catwalk model whose sparkling screen presence has been seen in hit shows such as MTV’s Hip-Hop Candy, Project Catwalk and numerous high profile music videos. Voted one of the hottest women to ever wear a bikini by Fashion TV she is the new face for American street wear brand Akademics. Rachel is now adding actress to her multi faceted brand in this romantic drama.

“Audiences will be sitting on the edges of their seats, watching Charles and Simone’s story unfold,” says director Namure Aibangbee. “FIND HER KEEP HER, has a narrative we are all familiar with but with a sexy, urban twist”.

Essentially, FIND HER KEEP HER answers the burning questions – Will they find her? And if they do, can they keep her?

Check out the images from the movie premiere below.
Kojo (actor)
Kojo_(lead actor)

Jordan Pitt (actor)

Sian Brown (actress), Raymond Burrell (actor)

Natalie Barrett (actress)

Jasmia Robinson actress, BiBi, Moyo Designs

Alison Naomi (actress)

Javed Khan (and partner)

Natalie Duvall (actress)

Tiny Iron

Mr Midas

Mr Play (PLay Entertainment)

Miss London Comedian

Rachel Ritfeld (actress)
Rachel_Ritfeld_(lead actress)Photography by Clement Oppong-Manu