The nights are getting darker, and the days are getting colder. It’s that season again, the time of year for giving and receiving. It can bring problems, of course, some people are just so hard to buy for. Just what do you buy the woman who has everything, especially if you don’t want to break the bank in the process? Here are 5 gift ideas that will be appreciated by a stylish friend.

1. Trainers with Panache

If your friend is sporty, or loves to spend time at the gym, then buy them a gift that plays to this side of their character. Your budget may not stretch to a new pair of Manolos, but that doesn’t mean that footwear has to be out of the question. Trainers are not only functional, they can be beautiful as well. Go for a big name, and a colour that your friend adores.

2. A Unique Touch for Their Home

If you spend a lot of time in your friend’s home, you’ll have a good idea of the decor, and what they like. This means that you have all the information you need to buy them a great piece of furniture. I’m not talking about the standard, dull furniture you, and everyone else, can find in a Scandinavian store. Be much more stylish and adventurous, like vintage industrial furniture by Their products are truly unique, and at the very height of good taste.

3. Super Sunglasses

It’s the heart of December, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream of warmer climes and days to come. Sunglasses make a great gift idea, because they come with a promise of fun times ahead. When you try on a beautiful pair of sunglasses, you can almost feel the sun beating down, and the waves rolling onto the golden beach. There are many beautiful designer sunglasses, so you can find a pair that look really great, whatever your budget is. Many high street retailers now sell funk sunglasses, but before you decide which pair to buy, you should go to voucher sky and check out what discounts discounts are available as this could save you money which you can then spend on fizz below in No.4

4. Fizz with a Real Fizz

There’s wine, and then there’s champagne. There are many reasons that it costs so much. It can only be grown in a carefully controlled area of France, and only the very best grapes make the grade. Each bottle is the result of toil, love, care and craftsmanship. The other reason, of course, is that it tastes great. When you buy your friend a bottle from a leading name like Perrier-Jouet or Veuve-Clicquot, it’s sure to be appreciated, especially if you present a beautiful gift set.

5. Fitness Trackers

We all know the importance of keeping fit, but sometimes it can seem like so much hard work. Technology is coming to our aid again, in the form of fitness trackers. They’re taking the world by storm, and that’s why they make such a great gift idea. Put simply, they keep track of your personal fitness regime, and give you feedback and data to show how you’re doing. They’re becoming ever more sophisticated, and can even monitor your sleep patterns. It will take ten seconds at the most, between your friend unwrapping their gift, and fastening it to their wrist.