This is the mantra that Versetti lives by. He is an artist who isn’t tied to any genre or art form, whether it is music, poetry or film. As a respected rapper and songwriter he has released a mixtape called Audio Crack Vol 1 which sold 5000 units with no promotion and he has toured with the likes of Ja Rule, Lloyd Banks, Method Man and Blak Twang.The west Londoner is currently directing music videos with Luke Biggins (Ludacris, Sway, Bigz) and his poetry has received high acclaim from everybody that reads it. His poem Save Her Please was used by to round up the year in Hip-Hop 2007. He publishes his poetry mainly on but plans to release a paperback collection in the future. As we were so impressed with his poetry we thought Flavour readers deserved to read some too. So check out Safety Guy. This is one of our favourites and I’m sure many of you ladies and men out there can relate to this.

It’s usually 1am when “they” send,
a text that begins “are you…” and with
‘…awake?’ ends.

By “they” I mean them females that I have expressed interest in being more than just friends.
BUT…unfortunately I fall into the group of men,
that are..
too nice (yuck)
too cute (yuck)
too FUNNY(yuck)
to be any thing more than just a “buddy”!
So it’s the social limbo called “the friend zone” I go..

lets return to the “are you awake?” text,
you see as a “friend” I am required to do a Floetry and SAY YES.
Which I do, knowing like a minority report
pre-cog what’s next..
I press send – check
Message delivered – check
Blackberry rings – check
I say “hey”, she says “u ok?”, I reply “yep.”
I say “Its been a while,” she says “I know , I’m sorry, I’ve been busy.”
“…I’ve been busy.”
“I met a guy that I found more attractive than you, and me and said guy have been having too much fun and sex to, bother with getting in touch with you.”

Now she’s upset because aforementioned guy is not quite as perfect..
all his merits dont seem to mean d!ck in the cold hard light of sh!t..

You see she “by mistake on purpose” stumbled upon evidence of his *cough*
other conquests..
and now she feels stupid because he was so suspect..
and now she saying she is filled with regret..

Now she wants us to meet up,
catch up where we left off..
cus she now sees that she really needs a friend (yuck)

Well excuse me my dear,
you see this safety net right here..
is OUT OF ORDER, so good morning dear
SAFETY NET GUY no longer lives here!


Words by Eddie Smith aka Versetti