Irish pop artist Franki is set to take over Dublin’s music scene with new track ‘are u gonna’.

Franki’s new track is exactly what we all need right now. If you like chillwave pop then ‘are u gonna’ is the track for you.

The track encapsulates a sense of escapism with thoughts of warmer, sunnier days. Contrary to its confident stride though, the lyrics delve into the artist’s own insecurities around romantic hopes – and fears.

Talking to us about the track, Franki tells us

I’ve always tried to write my songs from an extremely genuine place and this one was simply about expressing the early stages of infatuation and the hope that things will work out the way you want them to. It’s one of those extremely fragile positions to be in as a human because you’re so hopeful about what could blossom but terrified of what you could lose.

Listen to ‘are u gonna’ now.