Hope you are all good. In the week where Iggy Azalea continues to get poleaxed by; man, woman, old, young, infirmed and those having a bad day, I bring you the new incarnation of Future Flavours.


Instead of my monthly behemoth Future Flavours will switch to a weekly post of a band or artist of the week-no sharing the spotlight it’s a focus on one act. It’s still the same in depth look on what makes the said act hot so please all artists, pr’s, managers and whoever else please get in contact to feature.

Before getting to said act it’s worth pondering on the whole ‘let’s beat up on Iggy’. I am not clear why she is the subject of such vitriolic comments. It’s true, Iggy is at best a moderate emcee but in this music scene there are absolutely loads of moderate  emcees making a name-(both male and female) without being the focus of hate. Vids of her spitting bars akin to speaking in tongues are funny but I have to admit I am starting to feel a little sorry for her-does anyone have a clear idea why she is getting gunned answers to my twitter?

Anyway that done let’s get onto Future Flavours #1-Remi the Australian emcee who cannot in anyway shape or form be gunned down because he’s so good that I started speaking in tongues to worship his skills and his general so damn cool hip-hop vibes. Welcome to Remi Kolawole from Melbourne blessed with devious hip-hop bars and that Drake ability to sing and his producer in arms Sensible J, who drops productive quality of the highest damn order.

remi 2

Remi has already made the obligatory waves in Australia-receiving the equivalent of a Mercury Award in Australia the Coopers AMP. Remi brings hip-hop from all angles like Floyd Mayweather and combos without the need for running about. Remi is more of a toe to toe hip-hop slugger with some silky combos to match. Hip-hop ranges from that smooth soulful hip-hop (akin to Slum Village) right through to that harder edge rambunctious type of hip-hop made famous by old skool luminaries like Big Daddy Kane‘It’s the wrath of Kane!’

Like any great artist of course he is not the sum of his genre and the use of hip-hop that readily embraces the eclectic is well within his extremely laden arsenal. He manages to be rebellious like Tyler The Creator without the need for expletives to form the conjunctions in everyone of his flows (I hasten to state I love Tyler The Creator).

He’s also an emcee who uses his voice for a purpose and his continued fight for anti-racist attitudes in Australia as well as the push for the rights of the indigenous and original Australians-the Aborigines shows someone who truly has something to say.

Of course it’s not all political movement speeches. He is equally adept at detailing a night out on the tiles with some fine ladies, copious amounts of booze to leave you paralytic like you had a night at a Witherspoons pub followed by a trip to the popular local alleyway and the fresh, strong smell of ammonia.

So….music-well there’s some real juicy sounds out there from Remi who thankfully sounds like himself and not like an American. He dropped his debut album Raw X Infinity (2014) after he unleashed two eps called Childish and Five Beats I Love but for this I thought I would go straight to addictive and brilliant debut album. It’s thirteen tracks of; huffing, puffing hip-hop that can at times leave you breathless. The opening title track is the statement of intent-indeed the album is dangerous like picking some heroin from unknown sources (you know the drugs don’t work).

Raw X Infinity by Remi.

Latest material is his current mix-tape Call It What You Want (F.G.Y:2) which sees a Remi in equally braggadocios manner.

Here he goes in for a 7 track project which follows on from the project Call It what You Want (F.G.Y: 1) which features a series of reworks of known tracks-check the track If. There’s a defo Common influence me thinks.

Anyway the latest mix-tape and while I must admit I prefer his debut album (in many respects), this mix-tape is accomplished and absorbing and it has found its way onto my playlist.

Remi and producer Sensible J have formed a tight creative bond of great music and I am personally waiting in anticipation of that follow up album-Remi a definite Future Flavour-TIDY.