Embracing an essence of non-conformity, Netherland’s Pop/R&B artist Ann King makes her debut with her new single ‘Heading’.

Formerly known under the moniker ANEMARY, Ann’s new journey marks a new beginning, one that is made up of creating music that uplifts and inspires whilst pushing the boundaries. 

Music is the catalyst that fuels Ann’s creativity and her stunning voice harbour her passion for the art. We sit down with Ann and she talks about letting people be their own king, blossoming into her art and what other projects she’s working on.

Tell us about your name Ann King, how did that come about?

I wanted a strong and classy name that reflected me and my music well. I have always been a very independent person, going after my dreams and building my ‘kingdom’ on my own. I am not waiting for anyone to complete me, I can do it on my own and I want to inspire the people that listen to my music to be authentically themselves. I want them to know they can be their own king.

You used to go by a different artist name before, why the change?

It was about time for a change. First of all, there was a lot of confusion with my artist name ANEMARY and the singer Anne-Marie. Second of all, I have grown a lot as a person and as an artist since my last release as ANEMARY, which was Lucky Penny, a song I wrote about my Grandfather passing away. I have grown up and it shows in my music. It has a different sound, attitude and now a new name to match.

Tell us about ‘Heading’.

My first single is named ‘Heading’ and it is about believing in yourself and going after your dreams even though it may be a hard road to follow. I wrote it when I almost felt like giving up on my dreams as a little reminder to myself that even though it’s tough in the end it will all pay off and I hope it can inspire people who listen to ‘Heading’ to do the same

What’s your writing process like?

It’s different every single time. I have a lot of notes written down in my phone for lyrics. I also have a lot of voice memos with me randomly humming melodies however I also just sit down every now and then to write songs. Sometimes they come to me really easily and I’ll finish them in about an hour and then I send them to my friends for feedback and sometimes it can take me several weeks or months to finish a song.

What other projects are you working on?

My main focus at this moment is getting my music out there, I have put a lot of myself into this next record. I am currently working on the music video for my next single and I am also currently songwriting for different artists on the side which I enjoy very much.

What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

My favourite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.

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