Jinz Moss Time

Jinz is a geographically challenged, London born, Kent raised artist. His music reputation reflects on his countless years of debauchery with lyrical content painted with vivid imagery seen through both poetic and comical lens.

We sit down with the rapper and he tells us about why he decided to relocate to New Zealand, his upcoming projects and his fascination with comedy.

You’re a man of the world, do you ever miss home?

Yeah, I do miss some aspects of where I was brought up but if I’m honest, but mostly not. I love New Zealand, my life is much better here. 

What was the decision behind moving to NZ?

I moved here for a few reasons. I knew that drugs weren’t quite as readily available here so that’s one, plus it was as close to the label as I could get due to Visa issues. 

Does moving around change your music style?

I’d say the places I’ve been have definitely shaped my outlook on life which is always reflected in my music so yes in that respect, also instrumentally as I’m working with local producers. 

What else are you currently working on?

I’ve got a few things on the boil, I’m working on a small EP with a local producer, my LP is done and being mixed so the roll-out for that, more music videos, the new Raw Collective EP and some stand up if I get the chance. 

What’s one thing that you wish you could do if time was endless?

If time was ample I’d definitely pay more attention to comedy writing. 


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