Mareshah Changes

Hailing from Melbourne, Neo-Soul artist Marasheh has emerged into the scene with her stunning new single ‘Pursuit’. With captivating melody and a velvety voice, Marasheh is set to take the world by storm.

We sit down with the artist and chat about her favourite soul artists, why the genre is often over-looked and what inspired her new single.

You just released a new single, tell us about it.
The single actually began as a 1 minute Instagram video I did, consisting of me singing harmonies [with myself] over a melody hook I came up with. Fast forward a year and a half and I actually set aside time to expand on that original idea. The single now explores how having a constant source of love is so central to us realising and achieving our potential. For me personally, that was my faith in God. For others, it may be their family, mentors, partner – anyone really.

Who would be your favourite soul artists today and why?
Stevie Wonder, D’Angelo, Jill Scot, Tori Kelly. Great writers, love their style of communicating with their listeners through lyrics that make you think and vocal expression that makes you feel.

Do you think it’s a genre that is often overlooked?
Yes. The genre on a whole is not the kind to get a lot of airtime compared with genres like pop, country, jazz.

If you could work with anyone who would it be?
Stevie freaking Wonder… I didn’t need to think about that one haha. I would love to pick his brain and force him to sing all the songs he ever wrote, with me. Too much?

What else can we expect from you?

I have an EP, ‘Unjaded’, which is slated for release later this year. WATCH THIS SPACE!

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