glamour_untoldWith London Fashion Week in full swing and dominating the West End, Untold is BAC and has brought a dose of glamour and style south of the river. Following the unrivalled success of their spring/summer show, Untold held their sixth catwalk event at the Battersea Arts Centre, promising fresh new designers and inspirational collections. And they certainly didn’t disappoint.

The show was kick started by Untold’s sponsored designer ‘Gevorgian’ and their collection ‘If Looks Could Kill’. Leather jackets complete with killer shoulders and highly detailed bustles were just one of the many pieces that caught my eye. They also embodied the sexy Edwardian style of the collection. Specialising in women’s footwear, Gevorgian also offered pairs of fierce stilettos with highly intricate heels – throwing down the gauntlet to even the most experienced of strutters.

From then on the talent just kept on coming, covering every key trend – and setting some now ones. The bright and the bold was covered by young designer Chrissiefizz’s eighties inspired womenswear and Chichia London, a more established brand with a passion for prints. Bestow Elan showcased a stunning collection of classic dresses and high waisted trousers, all emitting elegance and sexuality, in a neon pastille palette.

Untold founder Maame Baryeh set the bar for menswear with ‘MaLE’ – a playful collection featuring sports luxe trousers, imaginative shapes and oversized buttons. However, Fashion Diversity 2009 winner Desiderata may be hot on her heels, as he set a tone of ‘sexy castaway’ with his collection of rope tied harems and androgynous skirts for men. Dramatic underwear came from Pia Love – stunning bras embellished with everything from lace to feathers, gave the models a sexy native American vibe.

The show’s closing designer Lana Luk seemed to embody the diversity Untold is all about. Her collection swept seamlessly from hippy inspired maxi dresses to fur and leather embellished pieces with a slight nod to circus clowns – complete with red noses and balloons.

Untold once again brought together the best of London’s blossoming talent, creating a perfectly balanced cocktail of colour, style and imagination and I for one can’t wait until they’re BAC again.

Words by Coni Longden-Jefferson


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