Good American Jeans Khloé Kardashian & Emma Grede

Khloé Kardashian & Emma Grede have co-founded a new brand of denim jeans, shorts and skirts called Good American.

Why are we so excited? Well Good American jeans are for women of all shapes and sizes. So whether you are as slim as a Victoria’s Secret supermodel or as curvy as supermodels Ashley Graham and Denise Bidot, Good American jeans have a size and cut that will not only fit you, but also make you look and feel glam too.

good american campaign photos
Good American campaign photo, from left to right: Meredith Mickelson,Rox Brown, Khloé Kardashian, Chantel Jeffries and Roxy Reyes.

The brand states that Good American is a denim focused fashion brand designed for a curvier, sexier and stronger shape. And judging by the photo above, you can already see that they have hit the nail on the head with this one.

Each girl in the #GoodSquad have their own unique story to tell which brings you closer to the brand.

Meredith Mickelson
With a personality guaranteed to light up any room and a pout that’s the envy of every selfie, we’ve fallen head-over-heels for this Southern Belle-turned-social media superstar. Get to know the #GOODSQUAD’s Meredith Mickelson in our exclusive sit-down.

Rox Brown
With an Instagram filled with next-level sartorial eye candy and a no-f**ks-given attitude, Rox Brown is one of our favourite New Yorkers. Get to know the #GOODSQUAD’s street style superstar.

Chantel Jeffries
The model/DJ/social media superstar who always reveals her go-to tunes, her go-to LA spots and what projects she’s most excited about.

Roxy Reyes
Roxy is a fashion and beauty blogger who feels and wants other women to feel empowered. She loves every bit of her curves and encourages others to do so as well.

The huge girl #GoodSquad takeover

Everyday there seems to be a new celeb face endorsing the products. What started as a five girl squad is now a 28 girl #GoodSquad. Popular celebs like India Love Westbrooks and instagram star Anastasia Karanikolaou—aka @stassiebaby who recently launched the ‘Shape’ clothing line with Pretty Little Thing are all jumping on board one by one, making this a real brand for real people to follow.

Where can I buy Good American Jeans in the UK?

Here’s a list of places where you can buy Good American Jeans. sells Good American Jeans online and in store. You can also go to the official website as they ship to the UK (prices are in USD not GBP), or visit who also ship to the UK and prices are in GBP.

Stephanie Rao booty motion

The Clothing

When you click on an item of clothing, its shows you a range of options. You can actually see different size models wearing the clothes which gives you a much better idea of what the clothing with look like on yourself. Here’s an example on the Raw Stagger Denim Skirt

Good American Raw Stagger Denim Skirt
From left to right: Katie is 5′ 9″ and wearing GOOD AMERICAN size 0, Charlotte is 5′ 9″ and wearing GOOD AMERICAN size 8 and Rachel is 5′ 9″ and wearing GOOD AMERICAN size 14

How cool is that? Its almost perfect isn’t it?? The jean collection is pretty extensive, everything from straight denim, to ripped jeans and more with the added benefit of coming in sizes 00 to plus size 24, basically a jean for almost everyone.

Good American - Good Legs Jeans
Good American – Good Legs Jeans

Plus the jeans, shorts and skirts all have the Gap Proof Waist Band, solving the issues of women in jeans and belts. Plus the shorts are butt lifting and hip and thigh sculpting giving you even more curves than you had before.

Good American - The Cut off shorts
Good American – The Cut off shorts