Gym Bunny 1With spring just around the corner, women across the nation are stepping it up a gear to make sure that their bodies are in tip top shape for when the warm weather arrives. Love them or loathe them, gyms are definitely helpful in helping to achieve fitness goals. But how do you get over the boredom of the treadmill or the cross stepper? Music to keep you motivated!

With music being a proven motivator and helping us to boost our heart rate, energy levels and mood while at the gym, ‘Gym Bunny – Essential Gym Mixes’, has been created to guarantee nonstop motivation for every music loving exerciser, claiming to completely banish boredom while exercising.

The Gym Bunny Mix starts out with ‘Keep It Coming’ and then moves seamlessly into hits like ‘Boom Boom Pow’ and ‘I Know You Want Me’ which helps to make the 30 – 60 minutes of cardio fly by.

The high energy beats are great for jogging, cardio machines and for the more ambitious it’s brilliant for an aerobic routine. Furthermore, the tempo is set to correspond with your heart rate while training, making it even easier to stay in the fat burning zone.

Gym Bunny is available now through iTunes and Power Music.

Words by Shaherah Jordan