jayne-woods-1Fashion hair stylist Jayne Woods offer’s hair tips to get the 80s fusion look

Step by step crimped tie back

1. Smooth hair around the hairline with a serum, paddle brush and hairdryer

2. Seperate hair into sections no wider than the crimping plate, secure the hair that’s left with a grip to keep out the way

3. Starting at the base of your hair, spray with GHD Thermal Protector Dry-Coarse Hair ( £9.95) to control unruly hair and add sustained moisture when heat-styling

4. Start at the root area remembering to keep your comb close to your scalp to prevent you from burning it, but not too close to the hot plates that it melts the comb!

5. Hold the plate for 5 seconds on a hot heat depending on the condition of your hair

6. Continue down the hair towards the ends, gently overlapping each time

7. Finish with serum, I recommend Kerastase Nutritive Elixir Oleo Relax apply 1-2 pumps £14.62

8. Using your hands pull all the hair into the centre of the head and fix n place with a dark hair band of your choice

9. Slightly back comb the pony tail near the hair band to add volume

Keeping it colourful

Select your favourite bright colour and add clip in hair extensions to re vamp your look, create a bold statement or blend with your make up, simply fix into your pony tail using hair grips before tying back

Maintain your beautiful locks from heat styling drying out the hair using:-

Kerastase it offers a fantastic range of shampoos and conditioners for the professional touch. Oleo- Relax helps smooth and nourish curly, fragile or unmanageable hair at £13.00. Introduce a masque once a week; leave it on for up to 5 minutes for that extra treat and wrap your hair in a warm towel to help the treatment absorb £24.00

Words by Lea James, Photography by Terri Lee-Shield