G Swavey

Hip-hop artist G Swavey has recently released his newest single 2AM Thoughts, a single written about the thoughts we all have late at night or early in the morning about everything going on in your life.

Hailing from Puerto Rico and moving to the Bronx, NY, G Swavey took inspiration from his favourite artist Tory Lanez and created a fusion of rap, R&B and latin music giving him a unique edge. Starting off in his friend’s basement closet with an app on his phone and headphones, G Swavey strived to create music that listeners could relate to and worked to pay for the equipment and facilities to better his music.

2AM Thoughts was written by G Swavey himself about the thoughts that plague you when you’re trying to sleep. For him, one of those things was a girl that’s always on his mind but he couldn’t figure out if she was slowing him down or motivating him, the essence of the track is to never lose yourself trying to please others.

The single is available to stream and download via all major platforms now and more releases are set to follow throughout the year.