The first episode of hit new British comedy Ones n Twos has launched on YouTube @OnesnTwosTV. The series which is set in a London based pirate radio station stars comedians Slim, Kat B and Axel and a host of talented actors and actresses.

Ones n Twos is a unique online comedy series that follows the lives of an eclectic bunch of DJs that broadcast live on pirate radio station OnesNTwos FM – the biggest little station in London. In each episode the DJs broadcast from the stations custom built studio in the station manager’s girlfriends flat. With clashing personalities, secret crushes and power struggles life is never simple for the team at OnesnTwos FM.

OnesnTwos Episode 1 Foudation

This series takes the classic sitcom format placing it online for a great mix of humour, drama, comedy and entertainment and was written, directed and produced by Annika Allen, Ben Peters and Marc Senior.

The show was released online on 14th November 2013 at 7pm and can be viewed every Thursday at this time for the next 12 weeks. The series stars names and faces that you may already know and love, like Danny ‘Slim’ Gray, Kat B, Mighty Moe, Axel Comedian as well as new comers like , Linden Walcott-Burton, Leonie Elliot, Paris Robin, Lenéa Herew, Ava Charles, Monique Fontaine, Michael Moulton, Johnathan Ukeuku and Wakjira Feyesa.

Writer and director Marc Senior says: ”I grew up in an era where I watched The Lenny Henry Show, Desmonds and The Real McCoy and there’s nothing like that on TV at the moment.”

Annika Allen who co-wrote and produced the series stated: We wanted to create a show that was exactly how we wanted it to be without any outside influences. Plus if we waited on traditional funding or a commission we could still be waiting now. So we decided to do it ourselves in the hope that we can re edit the format to 6 x 30 min episodes for a TX on TV. With Felix Dexter passing, ChoiceFM no more and people from BAME backgrounds leaving the creative industries in their droves, we feel its a good time for a series like this to leave its mark.”

What the first episode and let us know what you think.

Ones n Twos can be watched every Thursday at 7pm on YouTube @OnesnTwosTV. Subscribe to the channel to get videos straight to your inbox.



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