We had to rename her Goldilocks after our recent photo shoot with the effortlessly stunning actress Alexandra Johnston. One of our one to watch actress’ like Adi Alfa, the Liverpudlian walked on set and got straight into hair and make up for her shoot. She described that she doesn’t usually dress this glam or use that much make up. However once she was ready, its was lights, camera, action.

We decided to ask her a few dating questions, so guys get your pens on the ready to take note.

Would you go on a date with a fan?
I don’t think I have any fans, only my mum and dad… and that would be a bit weird!

Is it ok for a women to ask a man on a 1st date?
Nooooo! it has to be the man!

Name one thing a girl should never do on a 1st date?
Don’t give to much away…

Name 3 places you would like someone to take you on a 1st date.
Disneyland, Disney world or to the ocean to see dolphins… nothing to much!


What would a guy have to do to get to date number 2?
Be a gentleman!!

What features do you look for in a guy?
Humour is a must have, but physical features I like tall guys with a nice smile 🙂

Biggest misconception about the opposite sex:
I think men are way more complicated than they like to make out.

Do you have a girl code?
I don’t like when girls are threatened by each other, I have friends trying to pursue the same career as me and we all support and encourage each other.

Commando, Thong, or Boy Shorts?
You’ll never know!

Finish this sentence

Friends with benefits is a good way to… get into trouble.

Follow Alexandra on twitter: @MissAlexaJ
Photography by Arron Dunworth
Styling by Nathan Klein
Make up by Latona Roberts
Hair by Veowna Charles
Dresses courtesy of Icandy Mode