After shooting 15 looks on set with the beautiful Adi Alfa, we sat down and got her to share her beauty tips, exclusively for the readers.

What are your beauty must haves?

For me my beauty must haves are. A really good moisturiser with a high SPF I use the body shops vitamin C daily moisturiser spf30 which gives my skin a radiant glow, protects against pollution and environmental toxins as well as those in the skin and has great anti ageing properties.

I also use a lot of body butter maybe one tub a week haha I can’t get enough of it, I literally cake it on. My favourite is the coconut one from The Bodyshop.

I must have my eyelashes, they turn you from glum to glam in an instant.

What is your daily beauty regime?

I wash my face with a good face wash, I then use a serum, then a moisturiser, then a primer then apply my makeup.

In the shower is use all my Bodyshop bits… shower gel and body scrub, leave my skin smooth and soft and smelling delicious.

What makes you feel sexy?

I feel sexy when I know my body’s in shape, when I’ve looked after myself and I’m feeling good inside and out. Also when my hairs looking good I feel sexy.
Materialistic wise, a pair of heels, elongates the legs and adds height. I always wanted to be like 5ft 9!


What products do you use on your hair?

For my hair I use Moroccan oil and pure argan oil. My hair needs good quality oil because it’s coloured and relaxed, although it hasn’t been relaxed for a year and a half now. Afro hair gets very dry so I like to hydrate it without it looking greasy.

Who are your acting influences?
I’m influenced by naturalistic techniques, people who make me believe them whole heartedly, I think acting should be 100% believable. I love a lot of male actors, Tom Hardy, Johnny Depp and Denzel Washington are amazing. I love Halle berry but I find myself just usually staring at how beautiful she is and drooling haha. I like the versatility of a Will Smith, who goes from comedy to action to drama.

If you could have one big fashion splurge in one shop what would it be?

I love Chanel!…so classy and timeless…I’d have a Chanel splurge definitely.

Out of the following actors who would you kiss, marry or avoid if you had too?
Morris Chesnut, Columbus Short & Channing Tatum

Arrrrgh that’s a tough one, for one I wouldn’t avoid any of them, they are all very hot and very talented! Hmmm ok, maybe avoid Columbus Short, I think he’d be too short anyway! Marry, argh this is so hard. Channing had me sold, documents everything in Magic Mike, but Morris is delicious, I can’t decide, ok I’d commit bigamy and marry them both!

What would be your ideal Valentine’s date?
I don’t like the thought of a “date” it’s an awkward concept, but if it could be on a beautiful beach, perhaps Thailand under the moon and stars eating yummy food and drinking cocktails that would be lovely! Or even something outside the box, something exciting and fun like a roller disco haha.

Look out for Adi’s full interview and exclusive photos coming to soon

Photography by SNHFOTO
Makeup by Adi Alfa
Dress courtesy of ICANDY MODE

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