Emily Ratajkowski rose to fame recently by appearing topless in the Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams video “Blurred Lines”, she has now posed topless for GQ just like Rita Ora and Rihanna (images below).

In her behind the scenes video with GQ, she tells us how to date her, so we decided to write it all down for the fella’s to get your tips.


o-EMILY-570 (1)

The best place to pic someone up?
Emily: The best place to pick someone up is when your dancing, its easy to see what someone is like, how much fun they are and how goofy they can be.

Splitting the bill on the first date?
I believe you should split on the first date, as I believe in woman standing up for themselves.

Biggest misconception about the opposite sex?
Emily: My biggest misconception about the opposite sex is that they are very different from the female sex, but they are not.




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