Robin Thicke is back! And he’s brought with him T.I. and Pharrell (who, believe it or not – has just turned 40) along with some incredibly beautiful ladies. The video for ‘Blurred Lines,’ which features a suited Thicke together with T.I. and Pharrell dancing around with a number of females dressed in flesh-coloured G-strings, has ignited huge controversy.

Following it’s initial release the video managed to reap more than one million views before it was found to be in violation of YouTube’s Sex and Nudity guidelines. Well, that was the filthy version, which can now be seen on Thicke’s Vimeo page. Just make sure the boss isn’t around when you get it up on full screen.


Putting to one side the boobs and the irritating hashtags “#BLURREDLINES” and #THICKE, which flares throughout the video, ‘Blurred Lines’ is contagious. It’s danceable groove and touch of oldskool vibe makes it one of our favourite tunes of the year so far. The single, which serves as the first track from Thicke’s sixth album due out at the end of this year, has the mounting (‘hey-hey-hey’) ability to get anyone on their toes.

Thicke is a man with entertainment inked in his skin; his Dad is an actor, his mother an actress and singer. His talent is unavoidable on ‘Blurred Lines,’ which is practically Marvin Gaye’s ‘Got To Give It Up’ merged with some butter smooth raps and an infective beat that is pleasurable to the ears. ‘Blurred Lines’ is everything you love about Robin Thicke. The track is a winner in equal degree – it’s smooth, arty and sensual. What are you waiting for…Go on, play it loud!



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