On the 15th Sept 2014, we posted a special feature called Who’s that Girl? Montana Manning from T.I. No Mediocre ft. Iggy Azalea. This feature has now amassed well over 40,000 views and never leaves our top 10 articles most viewed in 24 hrs section.

With that in mind, we decided to follow it up with an exclusive interview with Montana Manning based on the REAL question, you want to ask her: How to date her. Do you have your pens and notepads ready?

My magical watch says you’re not wearing any panties… oh, you are? Damn, it must be an hour fast…

1. Is it ok for women to ask a guy out on a first date?
Being a Scorpio, the young me would say yes, but from experience, I’d now say no lol. If you like someone, take it slow, let them know you like them and if they don’t act on it let it go. Keep it moving.

2. If a woman asked a guy on a first date, should she also pay the bill?
Ha, that’s a good question she should prepare to pay half but if he likes her he won’t let her.

3. Give us we do’s and 3 do not’s on a first date
DO look hot as fuck. DO listen and pay attention to his mannerisms and what he cares about (observe him/her). DO ask him questions that will make him speak more about himself.
Don’t expect too much (expectations kill life) try to stay present. Don’t over think and don’t push anything. Don’t kiss him/her unless it is completely obvious that the other person is pretty much begging you to kiss them.

4. What’s your biggest misconception of men while you were growing up?
Men like the idea of love more than the actual commitment of love. I thought men and women felt the same but they don’t. Men are visionary, women like words that’s why men ask you for a picture and women like quotes and nice words sent to them. Growing up I thought everyone approached things the same way and love was black and white looool what a joke. I defo learned the hard way.

5. On a bad date, what would be your exit strategy?
I’ll tell them. “I gotta record in the am or film or I have an audition”. Usually, they will know that’s number 1 and if they hold me back with “oh stay longer blah blah” that’s even more unattractive. Needy men are so annoying.

6. Do women really kiss and tell?
What???? The only time a woman won’t call her girl immediately or the minute she leaves the date is if she’s embarrassed about who she has kissed etc.

7. What’s the funniest chat up line you have ever heard?
My magical watch says you’re not wearing any panties… oh, you are? Damn, it must be an hour fast…

8. Who’s the last person on earth you would go on a date with.
There are so many, I’m so picky and men irritate me lol. I couldn’t possibly just choose 1. I am in love with Bob Marley though he’s number 1 🙂

9. Worst place to go on a first date?
One of our homes, it’s not really a date if you’re chilling at his crib or yours. Plus it’s too intimate. It can be uncomfortable and too full on for a first date.

10. The best place to go on a first date?
A guy took me to Disney land last year, it was dope. Also, I recommend theme parks and if you wanna impress her take her somewhere she won’t forget, comedy or a fun place, she won’t forget that.

11. Give us 3 tips on how to approach someone.
I’m just simple I’m probs, not the best person to ask “I’m single” looool. Ok so if you don’t know them and you catch eye contact
1. Smile.
2. When you walk past just say “hi”, because if you’re a pretty girl, guys are completely unsure if you’re interested, sometimes you gotta just be real and in the moment. Just say “hi” (any greeting) you will feel an energy from that. Then if he starts a convo stay and talk if not keep it moving he may be a thinker and analyze what just happened and approach you later.
3. Focus on yourself don’t force or waste time on anyone with different vibrations and energy we are all on different journeys and missions. Forcing a relationship is just a waste of time you will be in heartache and never truly understand why or what happened, the fact is you are on different energy frequencies/vibrations it’s that simple. focus on you. Love will come 🙂 X

12. Give us 3 tips on how to approach someone like you.
1. Just be all the way honest. I love honesty, depth, passion and great energy.

Now that she has given you all the tips you need, all you have to do is be lucky enough to walk past her one day and give it a try. Good Luck girls & boys, you can always follow her on twitter @Montana_manning and Instagram montanamanningonline in the meantime.

NO STALKING PLEASE, no-one likes a stalker.