T.I. released his new song “No Mediocre” ft. Iggy Azalea on 18th June 2014. Less than a month later, the video has amassed over 10 MILLION views on youtube and everyone has been asking, who’s the featured girl in the video?

Well, her name is Montana Manning and she is a UK actress/singer. You may remember her from Hollyoaks, playing Jodie Wilde. Montana also played Katia in Brit Flick “Demons Never Die” Which also starred Tulisa and Ashley Walters and has previously toured with Girls Aloud as part of the girl group Cookie.

We spoke to Montana Manning and she gave us tips on how to date her. Yes that’s correct, tips on how to date her and gave us we do’s and 3 do not’s on a first date. It’s an intriguing little feature on what women want, especially what a hottie like Montana Manning really wants.

And if a woman looks as gorgeous as she does below, then you will need to know how to date her.

We have located Montana Manning’s Instagram account and here are our reasons why you need to follow her.

1. She is the featured girl in T.I.’s latest video ‘No Mediocre’.

2. She’s a BADBITCH, she isn’t medicore.

3. We bet she’s a really good kisser. Can you see why?

4. She’s got an amazing body. Super fit, super slim and curves in all the right places. Jealous!

5. As above, she’s got an amazing body. Dam girl.

6. She can play football. Some of us men can’t even do that many kick ups. Need we say more?

7. She’s Badasss

8. She looks like a whole load of fun. Shhhh.

9. Those eyes are so seductive.

10. I’d probably be late to work every single day, if Montana was at my house looool.

Follow her on twitter @Montana_manning and instagram montanamanningonline

You will also probably want to know Who’s that girl? Ramsey from Fast & Furious 7. It’s Nathalie Emmanuel below.

nathalie emmanuel GQ, from our montana manning article

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