Do you love throwing parties? Do you have friends you’d like to persuade to come and visit more often? Or do you simply want to impress your mum?

Whatever the reason, most of us feel good when our homes make a positive impression on people, and it’s always nice to receive praise from guests. What can you do to make them like it even more?

Think outside the box

It may sound obvious, but the first impression people get of your home comes when they see it from the outside. Kerb appeal isn’t just about making an impression when you want to sell it – it can also prove irresistible to your guests. Repaint those old railings and fill your front garden with flowers. Put up some hanging baskets. Invest in a new front door and fit DIY shutters at the windows for a chic yet timeless look.

Make them comfortable

Often people will be feeling tired when they arrive at your home and will be looking forward to resting their legs. A really comfortable living room suite can be just the thing to make them feel relaxed. If you have elderly or disabled visitors it’s a good idea to have a higher, more supportive chair as well, as that will provide better support for the back; and footstools and cushions are appreciated by everybody.

Provide good things to eat

Offering delicious things to eat and drink has been a standard way of welcoming guests for centuries. An attractive coffee table and quality crockery and glassware add to the appeal, and you can decorate with cloths and candlesticks or seasonal trappings like tinsel or fresh flowers. Making snacks easy for your guests to access at leisure can be done by keeping a full fruit bowl or setting nuts or colourful sweets out in decorative jars.

Use all your senses

Making a home attractive isn’t just about making it look good. It’s also about keeping it at the right temperature, making sure it’s not damp or overly dry, adding some appealing low key music that doesn’t interfere with conversation and filling the air with lovely scents. Air fresheners are often not a good choice because they can create an allergic reaction, but the smell of slow roasting coffee or warm home baking is easy to produce and almost everyone loves it.

Keep it clean

Your home will always feel more welcoming if it’s clean and free from clutter. If you think about this when designing the layout of your rooms, you can make it easier to manage by ensuring that you have plenty of storage space, with a home for everything. Choose easy wipe-clean surfaces as well as carpets and soft furnishings that are easy to keep free of stains and dirt. Prioritise looking after the spaces you know the guests will see.

These simple steps will help to ensure that people feel welcome and at ease in your home. The rest is up to you. If you’re enjoying your space as much as they are, you’ll find it easy to create the mood that will make them want to visit again and again.