Jacob Papageorgiou

Jacob Papageorgiou is the Head of Marketing at the London Block Exchange (LBX) and has an MSc Management via UCL, with a distinction, I might add.

Jacob’s previous encompasses experience as project manager at Hiscox Group and M&A Analyst as well as Strategic Advisor to in PR, marketing, concept development and token structure. Active cryptocurrency trader and enthusiast since 2016 Jacob is the man you need to watch if you are a serious crypto fan. Let’s find out how to steal his job.

Name: Jacob Papageorgiou
Job title: Head of Marketing
Company: London Block Exchange

What does your job role entail?
My job role lies at the forefront of the crypto verse, as it constitutes a bridge between education and marketing. To enable cryptocurrency beginners and veterans to make more informed decisions, it is my job to create educational content that enables one to better grasp the fundamentals and technicalities of the space. Alongside this, I make strategic marketing decisions that allow LBX to come to the surface of this new and emerging market.

To favour mass adoption, one must comprehend the aspects of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as a content feeding machine with simplicity, with ease of comprehension and prestige, we open the doors to the future of finance.

Describe your working day or week?
My working day/week consists of writing the Daily Market Report early morning, side to side with my colleague Hugo Oliveira, which is an aggregation of all things crypto-markets, to keep our community of over 15’000 subscribers up to date with the latest shenanigans.

Additionally, I pair up with our data analysts to ensure our digital marketing campaigns are well suited to cater for the crypto-curious and thus develop content in the form of press releases, blogs and brand pieces to keep LBX at the forefront of the future of finance. By setting targets to ensure brand awareness and liaise with our community and team, I make sure LBX’S digital presence is kept up to speed.

What key skills do you need to do your job?
Adaptivity, tenacity, social awareness, leadership, team building, initiative, project management and most of all appetite and curiosity for the space.

What made you decide to go for this job role?
The decision to join LBX came solely on the merits of joining a hungry and powerful start-up ready to disrupt the financial services sector with what I was most admired – cryptocurrency.

LBX would allow me to harness the power of education to favour mass adoption. As an individual, I always strive to teach others about the benefits of cryptocurrency and how they will affect financial markets. After meeting the team and realising the disruptive potential of a regulated, thought-out, young and thriving business, I didn’t think twice about leaving my 9-5pm job to join what some may see as one of London’s most creative and innovative brand of the future. As a marketer and educator, most importantly this job role would enable me to wake up and be hungry for change. Being in a small start-up, as an individual, your input has a  large impact on the future and performance of the business. Therefore, after being immersed in the space, I wanted to join a business where most importantly I would wake up and be happy and satisfied.

The best part of your job?
The best part of my job is the freedom to plan and make my day as I wish. Every day is different, yet challenging. Working alongside some of the smartest individuals in the industry has allowed me to reap knowledge from other sectors of the business I could never imagine – finance, web development, investment and quantitative analysis. No day at LBX is the same!

The worst part of your job?
As any in start-up, one has to work long hours to achieve specific targets. However, as I love what I do and I see results, it is softly taken!

If I’m choosing a course to study, what type of course suits this job best?
No educational background is necessary for my job role, however, I studied MSc Management at UCL, which enabled me to obtain a jack-of-all-trades approach. I would highly recommend reading The Internet of Money by Andreas Antonopoulos to better grasp the fundamentals of the space. Additionally, having a creative and quantitative background would help with regards to marketing and data analysis.

Does work experience really help you to get the dream job?
Work experience certainly helps by being immersed in an everyday job only makes you better at conceptualizing any business. It’s all fun and games whilst at university but once you apply yourself in the workplace you’ll notice big changes – responsibility! Crypto, however, is all about Education. Education. Education!

Give us a tip on how to steal your job.
Haha, that’s a great question. Read and study Antonopoulos. Download the LBX app on the iOS and Android stores, buy yourself some crypto. Enter the rabbit hole. The rest is history!