‘Love is a Lie’ is the long-awaited debut single from California rapper Huntarrow. For fans of Drake and Juice Wrld, ‘Love is a Lie’ sees Huntarrow express his true emotions towards love and success.

Bringing together the scattered pieces he has made over the years, ‘Love is a Lie’ has Huntarrow finding his strength and making his move into the music industry. “I wrote down all my wishes that could’ve been a reality but my relationship didn’t last, and all I left was a handful of wishes and dreams” explains Huntarrow who turned these fragmented dreams into a new dream, the blossoming of his music career. Finding comfort in the power of the pen, Huntarrow is embracing his lyrical side, hoping that others find the same comfort in his music.

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Obsessed with fame from a young age, Huntarrow originally trained as an actor. Discovering music as a way out of depression, Huntarrow reclaimed his creativity, using it as a way to channel positivity back into his life.

Now back to pursuing his dreams through the medium of music, Huntarrow is on the rise and we can’t wait to see what comes next!