Part 3 of our Ibiza Group Trip, the best places to stay, eat and party. If you have been following these article, then you will have read Part 1 and Part 2.

In the special feature on Ibiza we covered the best places to stay in Ibiza in Part 1 and Part 2 we covered the best places to eat in Ibiza. From Chic Ibiza Villa’s to STK Ibiza, our guide is a round up of places you must stay and see.

So onto Part 3. The parties, the closing parties and the madness that will ensue on your journey to Ibiza.

If you are travelling to Ibiza in the later part of September, you will hear talk about closing parties galore. During our group trip to Ibiza in September 2016 was the LAST EVER closing party for Space nightclub. Everyone in Ibiza wanted a ticket, every person you spoke to whether it be a taxi driver, waiter, fellow traveller or shop assistant was talking about the Space Closing Party.

On the night of the Space Closing Party, we didn’t make it in the end, we where too drunk, however we did make it to some of the best parties in Ibiza.

Top Travel Tip

Here’s a top tip for making your journey to Ibiza an easy and special one. Why not do as we did and fly via Monarch airlines? Monarch the scheduled leisure airline, operates flights to Ibiza from Birmingham, London Gatwick and Manchester airports during the summer season with fares, including taxes, starting from £39 one way (£100 return).

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But wait there’s even more. Before you arrive at the airport, simply go online and book yourself a train on the Gatwick express. With trains running every 15 mins and a journey so quick it will make you feel like you teleported yourself to the airport. You’ll never travel to the airport again, unless you take the Gatwick express.

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During our visit to Ibiza, we saw the superhero comic style posters  everywhere promoting the Ushuaia Closing Party. It was Saturday 1st October and we where ripped and ready to rave.

The awesome lineup included the likes of Seth Troxler and The Martinez Brothers, Black Coffee, Andrea Oliva, Lauren Lane, Damian Lazarus and Francisco Allendes and they all rocked the decks in true Ibiza closing party style.

The venue was packed with ravers, the stage boasted superhero themed dancers, lights, pyro-techniques, loud speakers, smoke, fire and more. The place was buzzing louder than a farm of bee-hives and the revellers when all in rave mode.

As light turned to dark, the raving level went up. There was no time to have a downer at this party, it was a constant progression upwards. I still don’t understand how I lasted so long.

Music pumping, hands in the air, all the DJ’s looked cool and chill, yet they was blasting some of the hardest dance music you could ever wish for. Look up to the sky and aeroplane’s were flying over the rave, heading towards the Ibiza airport. Surreal is the word I’ll use to explain the feeling, yet surreal on it’s on just isn’t enough.


Although all the DJ’s rocked the night, I particularly remember the sets from Black Coffee,The Martinez Brothers, Lauren Lane and Damian Lazarus, this probably due that the fact that I somehow made it to the front of the party while these DJ’s were playing.

One of the stand out things at the Ushuaia Closing Party was the crowd. Everyone was happy, everyone was on the same vibes, everyone was friendly and nice. At this party we made friends with different groups of people on the night, some of the groups we met, are still in contact with us now, some of them have met un in England for a mini reunion. That’s the kinda vibe that the Ushuaia party has. See the images below and if you are going to attend a party in Ibiza, then BE SURE TO ATTEND USHUAIA. You will not regret and the memory will live on.

And if you want to stay at Ushuaia, here’s the hotel information below

Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel is a luxurious 417-room hotel comprised of two buildings: The Ushuaïa Club, featuring an amazing poolside stage, and The Ushuaïa Tower, offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Designed for the discerning traveller seeking the fun and entertainment associated with Ibiza, Ushuaïa continuously raises the bar –from Swim-Up room options, daytime parties hosted by celebrated DJs, to “chromotherapy,” the ability to set the mood to their rooms with LED lights, ensuring that the party never stops.  Its collection of dining options is unrivalled, from Ibiza’s first premier steakhouse Montauk and Minami serving sushi and other Japanese delicacies, to The Oyster and Caviar Bar beside the pool and the relaxed Ushuaïa Beach Club providing the perfect fuel for Ibiza party-goers.

Blue Marlin Ibiza


Another bay, another cove, but completely different. The Blue Marlin is located on the beautiful bay of Cala Jondal. You can dine, drink, party and swim while at the Blue Marlin.

On arrival you’ll see a stage and DJ booth, then tables for guest to drink and party, further down is the dining areas, then a little further down are the sun loungers before it hits the sea of awesomeness.

The sea at the Blue Marlin
The sea at the Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin is another must visit place in Ibiza, the daytime beach party was pretty cool and we all had fun sipping really good cocktails and doing a little 2-step to the music.

Be sure to be beach body ready when you get to the Blue Marlin, as everyone their look really good, and I almost couldn’t tell the difference between the catwalk models that where walking up and down the pathway for the daytime (non-invasive) fashion show compare to the visitors.

Funtimes with friends at the Blue Marlin
Funtimes with friends at the Blue Marlin

It’s a places like this where you could easily bump into Lauren Pope (we did) and other celebrities. The music is good, the cocktails are great, you’ll probably start in the daytime and end up staying their until it closes. The only thing that managed to drag us away from the Blue Marlin was our pre-planned boat trip.

If you want a slightly higher end experience, with sexy people looking photo shoot ready then the Blue Marlin is the place for you. However, DO NOT book tickets for a rave at another venue on the same night you visit the Blue Marlin, you’ll waste your money.


Blue Marlin has everything you need and you’ll start of partying in the daytime and stay right through until it closes. They have 2 mega screens, crazy sound system, amazing DJ’s and more. Only the true raver soldiers will be able to go to an after party, after a day at the Blue Marlin.

For further info or to make a table booking go to

Sol House Mixed by Ibiza Rocks

To mark the end of the summer season, Sol House will hosted the History of House party, looking back through classic house moments with live guest PA’s performing seminal house anthems. Melon Bomb & Pikes Presents showcased international DJ talent from the world of Funk, Soul, Disco and House. The parties took place at the destination rooftop bar, Sol Sets Rooftop Nine, and featured Rocks favourite resident DJs and island heroes.

Following a full refurbishment, Sol House Mixed by Ibiza Rocks is “The” new hotspot on the island. Located on Punta Pinet beach on the beautiful San Antonio Bay and boasting 275 renovated rooms, guests can discover the wide variety of high-end facilities and a unique tech-enhanced concierge service. The hotel boasts what is arguably the best sunset views in Ibiza from the Rooftop Bar.

Read our review of Sol House Mixed by Ibiza Rocks and below is a gallery from some of the parties hosted at The Ibiza Rocks Hotel, not to be confused with Sol House Mixed by Ibiza Rocks.