marynewMary Bello takes us on a continental breakdown of men giving us the highs, lows, pecs, sex about the most desirable man internationally. It’s like Miss Universe without the world peace spiel and the addition of testosterone.

British guys are great but before you settle down its good to find out what the rest of the world offers. Let’s start with our Eurostar buddies. Frenchmen are often ridiculously intelligent. Never heard the story behind Hadrian’s Wall? They know it. Never been cross country skiing through a Russian? He has.

Yup worldly individuals.
Also they very brooding when they have a problem. Retreating into a shell and not saying a word until they come up with a solution. Lucky for you, celebration is ripping your clothes off, flinging you on the bed and well…. Also they LOVE food. The benefit is you are taken to the BEST restaurants. Downside, you will end up 10lbs heavier by the end of the relationship or working out twice a day if you stick with them. French women don’t get fat but unlike us English girls they walk all the time. For fun.

Now it may seem like I am waxing lyrical about La Homme. But I am under no illusions. All of this intellect and knowledge of cuisine can leave you reaching for the door. Perhaps you’ll be pining for a simple lasagne from Marks and a chat about last nights X-Factor.

So we’re on the fence about the French. But what about Americans? Estelle sang about them. Bush and Blair got on so well. Now Barack and Brown are all cosy. Surely our Western cousins would be great bed fellows?

According to an American friend of mine Poppy, 25, they are not. “I hate American men. Cannot stand them. That’s why I married German!” So what is the problem? “They cannot commit! They love to date, treat you like a queen, and put all the moves on a woman, as long as she’s hot. It’s going well and then BAM! They drop you like a dollar at a strip club and move on to the next pretty little thing.” I was seeing a New Yorker around the time of this conversation and it quickly became apparent that I was little more than arm and eye candy. I quickly made an exit. Dating is sport to the stateside man.

Wary of the French, scared of the American? Need a bit of fun in your life?

Welcome to Jamrock. Cos the Jamaican guy will make you smile, laugh and enjoy life. They take things easy. “Everytings, cool, criss and irieeee.” Was the atypical response from Dwayne, 28. One of my girls dated Dwayne for a year. She loved the relationship, until they moved in together. “If I asked him to help with the gardening, wash up, pay bills the generic answer would be soon come. Well he never did soon come! I began to pay all the bills because leaving that to him led to no electricity for two days and he just said chill nah man, dis always ‘appen back home. Light soon come. One day I packed my bags told him soon come and moved in with my parents!”

Ok so I have touched on a few guys from around the world. But I could go on, Italians great lovers but fiery tempers, Australians don’t take life to seriously but maybe they won’t take you too seriously. Nigerians like to settle down but expect you to be Nigella Lawson and an expert with the dust buster.

So what’s the answer, who wins in the International Battle of the Boyfriend? No one. Because nobodies perfect, even us girls make mistakes. So date with caution but embrace all races. You never know who will be best for you!

Words by Mary Bello



  1. I can relate to this article, you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your Mr right. I struck gold with my guy he’s Jamaican, gorgeous, hardworking, funny, does DIY and even cooks what more could a girl ask for.

  2. yeah but we aint all that lucky girl….I’m still looking…am “dating” a Nigerian guy….and yes he does expect me to be a demon in the kitchen (fufu anyone?), keep the house….and work it out in the bedroom….the boy does nothing though! tired of these frogs! need my prince ASAP!

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