Kiara Nelson

Having hit 1.5 million streams on Spotify with her debut single ‘Adore You’Kiara Nelson takes a bold step forward with the release of her second track ‘Kisses For Breakfast’ – a catchy pop empowerment track.

Having previously opened up for Justin Bieber, Kiara on her way to stardom. I chatted to Kiara Nelson about her new track ‘Kisses For Breakfast‘ and Camila Cabello.

What inspired you to create ‘Kisses For Breakfast’?

We were just in the studio having fun and vibing to some music when we started singing the hook “ Kisses For Breakfast “. To be honest, it feels like the song just wrote itself after that. The writing and creating is always super fun with my team. It doesn’t even feel like work. Kisses For Breakfast is a very special song, one of the first ones we did together and the process was so fun. 

What was it like filming your music video from home? Did the lockdown let you access another side of your creativity?

The lockdown definitely let me explore more of my creativity. It gave me time to relax and get to know myself more. Time to create. I loved making the video even if it was really hard at times too. It took a few weeks and a lot fo FaceTime calls and now it’s finally out. I’m so happy with the result.


What’s your songwriting process like? Do you do anything to get into ‘the zone’?

I usually write with my songwriting and production team and we normally start with just vibing to some music and letting ourselves get inspired. I don’t like to force it.. if aren’t getting anything good, we move on to the next one!

Are there any artists that you take guidance from?

I really look up to Ariana Grande, Rihanna & Camila Cabello. I think they make amazing music and are strong amazing women. 

If you could collaborate with anyone dead or alive. Who would it be?

There are so many people I’d love to collaborate with but I think one of my biggest dream collabs is The Weeknd

If you could support any artist on tour and choose your own rider. What would that entail?

Again, there are so many artists I’d love to go on tour with… One would definitely have to be Camila Cabello. Great question… My rider would include: Tea & honey, Cheetos and other chips, water & soda, family/friends & team, speakers so I can blast music!

Do you remember the moment you knew music was something you wanted to pursue?

Yes, I remember.. I was 5 years old and it was Christmas time. I had just gotten a karaoke machine and discovered Britney Spears. I spend the whole evening singing and knew I wanted to become a performer. I have been singing since before I could talk though, that’s just the moment I remember realising it’s my passion.

What’s your dream venue to perform at?

I’d say Madison Square Garden and Wembley Stadium! 

If you could play any song or album on repeat forever, which would it be?

What a difficult but great question! I’d have to choose Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande or… Starboy by The Weeknd. My two favourite albums, I can’t decide!

What would be the theme tune of your life?

God Is a Woman!! One of my all-time favourite songs.