Mym is back in the studio working real hard on songs she’d kept away from for so long. Now back in motion and with her latest single ‘Hold Me Down’ and the new album ‘The Changing Room’ out early Easter Flavour Live’s freestyling queen  gave us the one’s and two’s on what she is all about.

How did it all begin?

I started singing at the age of five; I did my first solo gig at Madam Jojo’s inSoho, The desire to do my own music was so intense so finally came under independant management ‘Doubleak’ in late 2010.

What are your musical influences?

Beyonce!!!, the coolest band in the world ‘Litlle Dragon’, 80’s music, indie music like ‘coldplay’, Gospel music, Kanye West and Musical Theatre and film score.

Describe your musical sound

its a mix of a little of everything……literatly, but lets say Indie-Pop-meets Trip Pop

What do you love most about being a performer?

Connecting with the people, love that. its so much better than listening to the music but now its accompanied with a live band and my facial expressions and the dramatics of it all.

If you could collaborate with any artist , who would you pick and why?

Kanye West, he has done nothing but evovle from college dropout to watch the throne, he’s dervse and honest in his music. I love artists that evolve.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time musically?

Hopefully by Gods grace, 3 albums completed and touring my muisc around the world

Tell us something we wouldn’t expect from you?

I’m single and I’m a comedian

If you knew you couldn’t fail what would you do?


What can we expect from you in the New Year?

The Album ‘The Changing Room’ will be dropping early easter and before that my 2nd single. In terms of gigs just go on to my fan page on Facebook MyMusicuk, and keep your eyes peeled.

Give us 3 tips for aspiring artist?

1.know what you stand for

2. take your time creating your material

3.have good online presense, youtube vids, facebook, twitter, online magazines and send bloggers your material too.


Flavour Live at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen

Date: TUESDAY 15th November 2011
Time: 7.00pm – 12am (1st act onstage 8.15pm sharp)
Venue address: 2 – 4 Hoxton Square, Shoreditch LONDON N1 6NU

Entry: £10 on the door, £5 on the guest list before 8.30pm. To get on the guest list email[email protected] no later than 4pm on Tuesday 15th November.

This event is sponsored by PRS for MUSIC Foundation
Filming will be done by

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