That zippy voice you hear way before breakfast Jade Avia sits down with and tells us how to date her. Guys have your pens and note pad on the ready and if you have been living under a rock for the past couple of months you can check out our EXCLUSIVE photo shoot with the stunner here:

Would you go on a date with a fan?

I wouldn’t say no to a fan because he is a fan, however it depends on how they carry themselves. If when asking me on a date they are also asking me for a picture, a shout out on Capital Xtra while screaming In Ya Face! The answer might just be “No way, In Ya Face Booyah!!” as politely as possible.

Is it ok for a women to ask a man on a 1st date?

Yes!! I respect any woman who is brave enough to do that. The thought of approaching a guy gives me extreme heart palpitations. BUT it needs to be the man who asks for the second date, and ladies if you really like him tell him you’re busy. Keep him guessing.

What would a guy have to do to get to date number 2?

Outside of work i’m such a chilled out person that I don’t like having to make decisions. I like a man who can take control of the date, make all the decisions, share my love of Drake and Nutella and a second date might be on the cards!

Tell us 1 do and 1 don’t do on a 1st date?

Don’t: No grand gestures/ Cheese! I’m an easy going country girl; a limo, champagne, 100 red roses and a hot air balloon just might make me throw up in my mouth.

Do: Be yourself! If this is going to go anywhere I will find out that you are not best friends with Drake sooner or later.

Do you have a girl code?

Every girl has a girl code. My most important girl code is to stay away from my ex, but girls know this already.

Name 3 places you would like someone to take you on a 1st date.

  1. Go Karting, I love it, the adrenaline, competition and speed and i’m sure he’d love it too. Plus got to show him who’s boss from the get go!
  2. Doing pottery to unchained melody, just call me Demi Moore. (every girls fantasy)
  3. A concert would be pretty cool.

What’s the most romantic thing a guy have ever done for you?

A surprise holiday to Vegas! amazing

Biggest misconception about the opposite sex

That they are listening, no, they are not listening to you if you have been speaking for more then 10 seconds (not in all cases)

And finally finish these sentences

If a date was going really badly i would… say, “I’m tired, got up up for the breakfast show!” easy get away!

Sometimes men… are intimidated by a females independence.

Woman are like… Wi-Fi: she sees all available devices but connects to the strongest one.

On a first date, I would never… PDA no public displays of affection, they are extremely cringey.

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Interview by Linda Byran
Photos by SNHFOTO
Makeup by Vicky Ngari-Wilson