‘GSD’ stands for ‘Get S**t Done’! This album is a hot collaboration from JXG, using their individual sounds to bring us 7 absolutely massive rap/hip-hop tracks.

‘It’s Fire’ and only the beginning for JXG, who have been working on this album for over a year. Their journey as a collective begins with this release and we already can’t wait to hear more! Recommended for fans of J-Hus, we’re ready to see out the summer listening to ‘GSD’.

OUT NOW – Listen Here

Coming together as a growing brand, step by step JXG are getting closer to lift off! This is a really exciting debut from the duo who are individually known as Junior and GoblinGeneration. Beginning with only a couple of tracks, their creativity reached a new high and now both artists are putting themselves on the map with a full album! JXG is looking to take their music far, they certainly ‘Get S**t Done’ and with this debut under their belt, there’s no denying this duo has a big future ahead of them.

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