Unless you have been hiding under a rock you will be aware that a certain Rapper from Compton caused a stir last week when he featured on Big Seans ‘Control.’  Kendrick Lamar used the verse to warn several of his peers (who he named) that he is prepared to ‘murder’ their careers and eradicate their fan bases. Twitter immediately went into a frenzy with fans and experts attempting to decipher the meaning behind Kendrick’s no holds barred verse. Some argue that he was merely encouraging competition whilst others argue that the west coast native crossed the line by proclaiming himself as ‘The King of New York’

We would love to see what the Flavour Mag readers thought of this! Tweet @Flavourmag with your opinions with the hash-tag #FlavourKendrick – was Kendrick disrespectful or did he just give Hip Hop a much needed wake up call?!



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