Up on the rap scene from down-under is 23-year-old beach blonde, Iggy Azalea. With killer tresses, a bootylicious bod, and an ability to hold her own, Azalea is the coolest new kid on the block. Although Azalea has now turned heads and proved she can ~work~, life wasn’t always so glamorous for this Aussie gal. Here are 10 things we lurv about the tough as nails, long hair/don’t care, started-from-the-bottom-now-she’s-here Iggy Azalea,

1. Shes Bootylisious

Australia breeds big booty bitches too!!! Aussie popstar Iggy Azalea‘s butt bounce is shaking up the music industry, for real!

2. She’s fiercely independent

Before she went solo and signed with Grand Hustle Records (and then Def Jam), Iggy was in a group with two other girls from her neighborhood in Australia, She eventually left the group because the other girls weren’t taking things seriously.

3. She’s controversial

Iggy is known for stirring up controversy with her boundary-pushing lyrics and barely-there stage outfits. Back in 2012, she caught heat after she said in the song “D.R.U.G.S.,” “I’m a runaway slave…master.” She later apologized, saying that the lyric was a “metaphoric take on an originally literal lyric” by Kendrick Lamar, who she called one of her favorite artists. “It was a tacky and careless thing to say and if you are offended, I am sorry.”

4. She’s got style

She’s none for being outrageous with her style and very capable of mixing things up and well! Grace Kelly and Victoria Beckham are her major key influencers in her style decisions.
For the NEW ’Change Your Life’ video Iggy is the ultimate showgirl. Glitz, glamour, cars, clothes, and a baby tiger–she’s got it all. Styled by her go-to gal, Alejandra Hernandez, Iggy ups the wardrobe ante in this cinematic mini-film with a total of NINE different looks!

5. She can rap

Azalea started rapping at 14 and moved to the United States of America in 2006. She was noticed for her “Pu$$y” and “My World” music videos which went viral on YouTube

6. She’s Baddass

The nature of Grand Hustle rapper Iggy Azalea’s reflective single, ‘Work’ and its accompanying music video is summed up in a couple of lines from the song itself: “Valley girls giving blowjobs for Louboutins/What you call that, head over heels?” Go figure!

7. She’s not afraid to be different

Some people do destination weddings; Iggy Azalea does destination music videos. We’ve seen her riding bikes in the desert, riding elephants in India and now the Australian MC (and hottest import since the Hemsworth brothers) is straight-up ridin’ dirty in Sin City for ‘Change your Life’.

8. She’s very musically orientated

The ‘change your life’ rapper named Missy Elliot and Tupac Shakur as the main musical influences in her life. The bodacious star also compared herself to late TLC star Lisa Left-Eye in the early days of her career.

9. She has a new album!!!

Her album the New Classic is the debut studio album; set to be released in September 2013.

10. She don’t need to work out to keep in shape

‘I do absolutely nothing, actually, believe it or not. People will probably hate me for saying that but I guess I’m one of those lucky horrible people who no matter what I eat I don’t gain a pound,’ I perform a lot and that makes me want to vomit so I must burn a few calories doing that. But besides that I don’t do anything!”

Written by tracey Amaka Okpara (If your reading this Iggy, then be sure to remember it was written on behalf of Flavourmag CEO Leonard Foster, he REALLY wanted this article written)



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