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Olympic gold medallist, and friend of Flavourmag, Kurt Angle returned to action in a WWE ring for Sunday’s ‘Tables, Ladders and Chairs’ event.

The star, who was interviewed at length about his incredible career by this website in 2014 (click here for our in-depth chat with Kurt Angle) had been touring the world, wrestling for other promotions in recent times, but on Sunday made his first WWE match commitment in 11 years.

Although Kurt officially returned to the WWE in a management role back in April, it was unknown if he was medically cleared to compete. News of Kurt’s impending return to action was a huge surprise.

When Roman Reigns was diagnosed as suffering from mumps earlier last week, he was taken off the TLC show which is streamed live exclusively on the WWE Network. With WWE scrambling to find a newsworthy replacement, Kurt would join Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to battle an opposing team captained by The Miz – in an anything goes match including weapons such as tables, ladders, and of course… chairs. The Olympic hero stepped in to replace Reigns on just a few days notice.

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It’s no secret that Kurt has withstood several broken necks during his unparalleled wrestling career. Would years of epic matches take their toll on the returning warrior? (Click here: Kurt Angle receives award from Flavourmag) Could he still hang with the WWE elite?

In a wild and unruly match, Kurt would find himself thrown through a ringside table by the ‘Monster Among Men’, Braun Strowman, but the beating would not be enough to eliminate him from the match. In a number of thrilling exchanges, Kurt would show the fire and passion that helped him become one of the most talented wrestlers of all time, including the delivery of several expertly delivered suplexes.

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In fact, Kurt would ultimately find himself scoring the pinball and the victory for his team after one of WWE’s most exciting matches in years. Chants of “You’ve Still Got It!” rained down on the Olympic superstar as he celebrated his team’s victory inside the ring.

So what’s next for Kurt Angle? Given his stirring performance at TLC, and WWE fan’s desire to see him wrestle again, we can assume that a new chapter is being written in the storied career of one of the WWE’s greatest wrestlers of all time.

Could he win the WWE World Title one more time? Don’t bet against it. Flavourmag extends our congratulations on the triumphant return of our friend Kurt Angle!