Something good to come out of a toxic relationship, ‘Lonely’ is the latest single to come from Las Vegas rapper KxN$HI.

Created with free beats made on YouTube, ‘Lonely’ was about riding the wave of inspiration that KxN$HI felt when he decided to end it with a girl who was using him and didn’t value him like she should have. Written and recorded in a few hours, the spontaneity of the track shines through in his lyrics and the energy feels cathartic and provides a sense of closure.

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Focusing on themes of fidelity and heartbreak, KxN$HI goes for a sad boy vibe on many of his tracks. The Las Vegas artist draws heavily on the three years he spent in Japan before moving to Vegas, which is reflected in his stage name which means ‘Swordsman’. KxN$HI has previously released two freestyles, fulfilling his lifelong dream of being a recording artist. ‘Lonely’ will be KxN$HI’s third release.