dramatic_couture_outFinishing that all important party look with strip eye lash extensions is on trend for this season

Why not follow our top application tips

Always make sure the eye lashes and surrounding skin is free from oil, and pick the lashes up with tweezers this will also prevent oil from the fingers from touching the lashes

Firstly bend the lashes to mirror your natural lash line; you can do this gently with a pencil

show_off_couture_in_caseCheck the length matches and if they are too long, trim the inner corner only to reduce the length

Apply a small amount of glue to the sticky trim, and leave for a couple of seconds or blow on them this will help them stick immediate without sliding forward

Line them up where you want them and press from the inner corner to the outer corner and keep your eyes closed for a few seconds to allow them to attach

Open your eye and loosen any bottom lashes

Perfect you’re ready to party

Words by Lea James