Lit Didie is releasing a new Hip-Hop / Rap album COAST TO COAST GHETTO GOSPEL VOL. 1 on  5th July 2019.

This is Lit Didie’s first release and he is aspiring to be known worldwide. Lit Didie and his label, Easterday Records LLC, are sure that this will secure them a footing in the industry.

Lit Didie was born in Lagos to Nigerian born parents. Lit Didie was inspired by his beats when creating this piece, helping to create the right lyrics for him. Each track speaks about a time in his life and the difficulties surrounding him.

Lit Didie is an original artist who was inspired by his hometown. Hate and discouragement fueled Lit Didie’s passion and his songs show his struggle growing up seeing the environment against him.

Lit Didie’s whole heart and soul has been poured into every inch of this album, available to listen on all major digital platforms 5th July 2019.