Florence + The Machine

Last night Florence + The Machine performed at the O2 drifting the audience into a musical daydream.

The 32-year-old angelic singer took to the stage last night prancing around barefoot like some sort of beautiful tree fairy. Florence Welch is definitely the only singer in history that the world accepts her love for being barefooted on stage.

With not one cold seat in sight, Florence surely felt the love and thanked the audience with a little speech that she wasn’t prepared for –

Hello London would you like to dance with us? I would now invite anybody who’s still sitting down to stand up. We haven’t played the O2 in a while and I told myself not to cry. Thank you so much and I always forget how big this place is and this is my hometown and I’m very emotional but I guess you guys came here expecting that. Thanks so much

Flo’s fluorescent personality truly hit 20,000 people last night leaving the audience in absolute awe and feeling their inner peace for one night. Thanking her oldest fans, Flo performed tracks from her first album ‘Lungs’ after reminiscing her earlier shows nearly ten years ago at The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch.

The crowd went wild during ‘Dog Days Are Over’, it felt like one big indie party. Flo had a series of challenges for the audience of 20,000, not only did it include putting your phone away to really experience the moment but holding hands and telling a stranger you love them definitely put a smile on everybody’s face as she explained

I know everybody secretly loved that, I know it’s difficult doing that when you’re from London

Florence is one of those artists that can make you instantly feel the love that the world has been missing.  A Florence + The Machine show is definitely something I’ve never experienced until now.

Flo has always been extremely honest with her fans explaining how the last couple of years have been insanely tough on her,

I just wanna say that my heart hurts every day but please don’t give up hope. Make an effort to always been kind because I promise you it does make a difference. I want you all to remember that hope shouldn’t be just a dream and a revolution starts with individuals

Ending her show with ‘Shake It Out’ leaving die-hard fans wishing they could of had a longer experience. If you’re lucky enough to bag a ticket to the Florence + The Machine’s UK tour, it will honestly be an experience you won’t forget.