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Most if not all have seen Sacha Baron Cohen’s ass in Eminem’s face at the MTV Awards by now, so I decided not to post it.

What’s the point in putting up regular news that you’ve already seen or that you won’t read or watch?

Holla if you aint seen it.

Sherlock Holmes Trailer

When you can only picture Robert Downey Jnr in one of his previous roles as Chaplin and only ever seen Sherlock Holmes as an old bore. The hardest thing to do is convince people otherwise.

Snatch and Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels creator, former Mr Madonna, Guy Ritchie steps in to add a little spice to what I would have assumed to be a dead movie before its even made.

By the look of this trailer – THIS COULD BE A BIG MOVIE!!

Do you remember seeing good action scenes in Sherlock?

Well here it is now.

Quick Movie News

Star Trek Sequal has already been planned: Rumour has it Spiderman will soon be a musical featuring the Green Goblin; Busta Rhymes has recorded a song for Transformers 2, there’s talk of a Lost Boys 3 (I didnt even know about 2), Slumdog Millionaire breaks $300 million worldwide, there’s gonna be a 2 Fast 2 Furious 5 (why, I dont know), Spiderman 4 and Men In Black 3 will be released in 2011.

Jamie Foxx & Hallie Berry An Item??

Right now, I wanna punch up Jamie for touching my girl. Ok maybe not, but i am jealous.

If this is a publicity stunt then Mr Foxx must be the luckiest dude on the planet. Watch where her hand goes – WOW!!

Are they a couple?

Im waiting to find out myself.

Jay Z – Blueprint 3 Album

The album is in production and on its way.

Do expect Jigga to ruffle a few feathers on the LP, as he has recorded a song called Death Of Autotune.

Speculation has run rife that Jay is dissing people who use Autotune on the track and apparently Timberland is one of the guys not happy with Mr Carter right now.

Rumour has it Jay Z recorded a few tracks with Tim using the Autotune facility re-made famous by T-Pain.

Word is Timberlands tracks will now either be scrapped from the album or re-recorded.

Jeremih – Birthday Sex Video

The official video for the hottest slow jam tune right now.

Sorry bout the lip synching.

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