This year a new wave of adult entertainment is heading to our screens, something that may cause you to get hot under the collar and take everything off by your hat, well Hot Chocolate did tell us “you can leave your hat on.”

Magic Mike XXL

So with all the excitement of these two new releases it had me thinking, do male strippers really get us ladies going?

Chocolate City

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My first experience came about when I was 18, my friend Yaisa and her mum who was celebrating a birthday had invited me along and I’d say I was cautiously excited. The venue was Ceasar’s in Streatham, London, which before becoming the first night club to welcome male lap dancing, also welcomed Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chaplin and The Rolling Stones through their doors. Before coming to Ceasar’s my only knowledge of this world had come in the format of the film ‘The Full Monty’ and the faint mention of America’s famous Chippendales. Two pole opposites if there were!

Giggling like a school girl and probably with a bit of rouge in my cheeks, I remember one distinctive gentleman but gentle wouldn’t be the word to describe him. I could barely look the dancers in the eye, too much contact might mean I’m loving it but too little? Would that insult them? Even after the most memorable had finished gyrating, shaking his thing at the audience he wasn’t over, during the next performance he came to the side of me and my friend to reveal the ‘D,’ flapping it suggestively and I swear very nearly touching me, if I remember correctly I’m sure it met with my friends face. My reaction to this oily man with an 80’s style wavy mullet was one of sheer revulsion, and he definitely had me panicked at what he would do next if I’d chosen to have a private dance (like my friends mum had… Ermm paid for by us!) Well there wasn’t a chance in hell that I was having a private lap dance!

If it wasn’t obvious already I can reveal that I’ve never been back to a male strip joint but as ‘Chocolate City’ and ‘Magic Mike XXL’ fast approach like Genuwine’s galloping pony, I can’t deny that my interest has been caught again. It helps that Channing Tatum (Magic Mike XXL) and Robert Ri’Chard (Chocolate City) are extremely pleasing to the eye, add to that some hypnotising dance moves and equally captivating casts.

So why does it seem a bit taboo to me for women to watch men in their lily whites when it’s so accepting for men to visit strip clubs? When women perform men think it’s seductive but everything I’ve ever seen of the male equivalent seems a tad cheesy and cringe ridden. Last year me and some friends were planning to see a male strip show but the only reason this came about was because we were planning a Hen Night. It seems to me me that this is the only Get Out of Jail card us women need otherwise we just come across as desperate.

Hopefully I’ve not put too many of you stripping virgins off because I must admit that the dancing from Channing in ‘Magic Mike’ had me very impressed but then again I have had a soft spot for him since ‘Step Up.’ If I can go through all that trauma but still want to see these two films then there is motivation for all of you shy types.

But while some of you are debating we know lots of you can’t wait for your chocolate and vanilla swirl of sexiness on screen and I think this will have your pulses racing more than ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ ever could.

Let the battle commence!!!