Heavy metal band, Marabou released their newest album ‘Spirit Lights’ on the 3rd March 2018. Reflecting the post- hard-core genre, their music holds elements of metal, mixed with grooves, hooks and alternative-infused power.

Hailing from the small town Wexford in Ireland, Marabou was formed by Shay Davitt and Tom Leacy in early 2011. Quickly liberating themselves from the confines of their hometown, they created a serious buzz within the Irish underground music scene. They established themselves as one of Irelands strongest genre-heavy bands and with the additions of Kalebh Grocock and Ren Gaffey, they began to craft a sound that bastardises elements of metal which influenced their newest release ‘Spirit Lights’.

Taking inspiration from artists like Tool, Pantera, Devin Townsend, Mastodon and Deftones; their music is packed with aggression and intensity. The lyricism of the songs is heavily based on anger and sarcasm and their unique pacing also reflects the natural flare this band has when portraying these emotions.

Their unquestionable live performances are jam packed with what has been describe as raw visceral and sonically charged compositions, with their energetic ambience reflecting their natural and true potential as artists.

The band have recently released a new video in relation to a song from their new album. For more information about this or any future performance dates or releases, follow Marabou on social media.

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