Teen rapper and hip-hop artist Daniel Opone, alternatively known as R3VO, is set to release his new single ‘FROZEN’ on 18th March.

Taking influences from the likes of Kanye West and Migos, his music depicts heavy eerie vibes and pours aspects reflecting the hip-hop genre.

R3VO started his career by producing beats in early 2015 until 2016. After developing a love for hip-hop he began to rap allowing him to develop his own unique style. Graduating high school in 2016; his debut single ‘rari’ was released in the summer of 2017.

His raw raspy vocals are yet to grace us once more as ‘FROZEN’ is to be the first single of his forthcoming EP titled ‘REVOTHAEP’. R3VO says the instrumental wrote this song for him- with the feel of the music sparking creativity and the beat leading to a freestyle that completed the track. The lyricism of the track is mainly based around jewellery he has accumulated over time giving him a main focus. His ability to generate quick rhymes conjunct well with the laid back beat that is consistent through the song.

For information about any future performances or releases follow R3VO on social media.

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