mark_wahlbergThe ‘Boogie Nights’ actor – whose wife Rhea Durham and children Ella, seven, Michael, four, 20-month-old Brendan and six-month-old Grace were at the unveiling of his tribute – couldn’t believe it when he was first told he would receive the prestigious accolade and admits he is delighted with the honour.

Speaking at the ceremony in Los Angeles yesterday (29.07.10), he said: “I’m so happy my kids are sitting through this.

“When I heard I was getting this star, I felt like it was a practical joke.”

Mark’s ‘The Other Guys’ co-star Will Ferrell hosted the ceremony for the 39-year-old former model-and-singer.

Will joked: “I first became a fan of Mark’s when I bought his workout video.”

Mark credited his success in Hollywood to rediscovering his Catholic faith.

He said: “I was raised around the Church, but then I strayed off and started hanging out with guys in the neighbourhood.

“When I got into trouble, I turned to God. Once I started to refocus my faith, really good things started happening for me.

“And even when bad things happened, it was a lot easier to deal with. It’s become the most important part of my life.”