Marked 1

The fifth instalment of the series, Marked 1 is back with new album ‘Marked Since Day 1, Vol. 5’.

Maintaining the ‘Devil Baby Boy’ motif, the new album is part of the cohesive alias Marked 1 created in light of the wine stain facial birthmark. “I want to be a symbol for the appreciation of uniqueness” explains Marked 1 who showcases his wide-ranging abilities alternating from modern slick-bar antics to classic-oriented ballads and outlaw melodies. Dark romances and inner turmoil act as the foundations for this album, as Marked 1 enacts his innate need to create and to express himself. Welcome into the mind of Marked 1.

Marked 1 is the musical alias for multimedia performance artist David Gabriel who is also known for his career as an independent model. Hailing from Chicago, he created the Marked 1 persona as a celebration of all things unique, inspired to do so by his wine stain facial birthmark. As well as his modelling and musical career, Marked 1 is also an architect with multiple degrees and has vast plans to craft himself into an unparalleled artist.